South & Southwest

Jurançon & Buzet

  • Camin Larredya

    Camin Larreyda is a family estate in the Jurançon Appellation, south of Pau. The Grussautes have a small but remarkable vineyard. The 9 Hectares planted by Jean-Marc’s father 40 years ago, are terraced and lie on steep and curved slopes that form an amphitheater. Local grapes (Petit Manseng – Gros Manseng – Petit Courbu – Camaralet) are farmed organically since 2007 and biodynamically nowadays. Wines are named after the vineyard parcels from which they come.
    Jean Marc Grussaute produces dry and sweet Jurançon AOC, which are part of the elite on this terroir.

  • Domaine Du Pech

    Domaine du Pech is located in Ste Colombe en Bruilhois, in the south west of France. They are producing only red wine from AOP Buzet. This Domain is owned by Magali Tissot and Ludovic Bonnelle. The wines produced at the estate are among the reference wines in terms of Biodynamic farming. It denotes a deep respect of the nature, the grapes, the vine and its ecosystem and the reactions of the vine in its nature environment.
    Magali Tissot and Ludovic Bonnelle produce wines true to their terroirs.